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October 2, 2009
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...... by DeAngelus ...... by DeAngelus
I'm a Time Priestess ;
I control time and space ;
Entrapping anyone who approaches 'it' ;
But one day , I was careless ..... ;
I clumsily encased myself in a 'Sphere Of Eternity' I created myself ;
And here I am ;
The place where time doesn't exist ;
No day , no night ;
No melodious songs created by the bell chimes , no rhythmic sound of a moving clockwork ;
This eerie sound of the soundless space feels like eternity .

I feel so lonesome ..... ;
With only the 'Butterfly Of Time' accompanying me , I whispered to 'it' ;
'Will I ever escape a cage I create?' ;
'Am I fated to be so , right now ?' ;
'Am I going to end my life in such a desolate space ?' ;
Then , it came to me , the answers ..... ;
The answers to all my pleas ;
'The 'Destined One' holds the key to your 'cage' , but he has yet to know his fate and destiny' ;
'Till then , you're fated to remain in your ' prison ' ' ;
'But you can never rest in peace , you will suffer , 'here' ' ;
'For as you are the 'Time' ' ;
'The Chosen one who will decide the fate of everything .....' .

This is a Time Priestess (Name not created yet) , one of the elements from the manga 'Steel & Magic : Elements) . She is the catalyst for the 8 main elements (Water , Fire , Ice , Wind , Lightning , Earth , Darkness & Light) that allows a whole new world to be created ., or vice versa .

It's a fixed work from the previous one I've made (The Wizard Guy) :
- More details added .
- Instead of one main light source , I have multiple light source , both big and small .
- A thin white line that divides two near-identical tonal value is now enclosed with a much lighter tone .
- Full usage of the the tonal range .
- More pencils used XO .

Details :
- Original
- Done in A4 size paper (Vertically)
- 100% Pencil-made
- Did it with 6H , 2H , H , F , HB , 2B , 4B , 6B , 8B pencil & 2B Mechanical pencil 0.7mm + putty eraser , eraser & ruler
- No smudging
- Done in about a month (Plus all those 'wasted' times too)

Sorry , I've edited a lil' bit of this picture with Photoshop since the scanner screwed it up again . But this is how the work should look like , or at least . I'll edit it again if I ever get a better scan .

That's it , more to come later on ^^ .
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Peach-Twilight Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2010  Student General Artist
That is AWESOME!!! I am in awe at how cool it looks!!!
DeAngelus Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2010
Thanks a lot for the compliment ^^ .
Kurama-chan Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The shadows are very impressive!

Good work!
DeAngelus Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2010
Thank you for the comment ^^ .
perihelion Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, great job!
DeAngelus Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2010
Thanks !
isissousa Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2010   Digital Artist
It looks like its an old drawing, but with a modern trace! Good composition and softness.
DeAngelus Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2010
Thank you a lot for the comment , I greatly appreciate it .
eadaein Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very impressive. I love the shading, the attention to detail and the lighting.

Im new to drawing, I enjoy looking at amazing drawings like this because it reminds me to go and practice, practice, practice in hopes one day I can do something amazing like this.

Thank you for sharing so much detail on what tools you used to create your drawing as well.

Any tips to share for newbies?

DeAngelus Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2010
You're welcome and thank you so much for the comment , I appreciate it a lot & I'm happy that you like it ^^ . I believe you can do something much better than this one (Or others out there)

As for tips , I'm not sure how to give one (I'm bad at it myself) but here it is .

To all newbies out there who want to start doing art , start from the basics , start traditionally , but not digitally (It's not encouraged to do so) . Learn the basic needs in art , like anatomy , shapes , lighting etc. before doing something like any great artworks you like the most/see out there . Once you get the basics right , doing something complex & detailed (or digitally) should be easier .

Practice is important as always and also , take it slow , step by step , start from the base and make yourself to the top . Don't attempt to do something like the great artworks you've seen so far immediately because you think you can do that , it's because you can't .

They were in your position before , doing art quality similar to yours and they worked themselves hard to reach that level by sheer understanding & practice on the basics . It's a pain , yes , but they have to go through it (including me myself) because we know that it's a necessity to become a great artist .

Hope this helps , although it's quite long to me (I'll put it up in the journal a longer version if I have the time to do so)
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